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Get your new international employee successfully on board in Denmark

Onboarding 2 Denmark assists you, your international employee and any accompanying family members with:

  • Managing expectations interviews to prepare the future employee for living and working in Denmark. We conduct the interview over Skype or in person, if the future employee is in Denmark
  • Danish immigration
    EU registration certificate and/or work and residence permit, depending on nationality
  • CPR number
    We fill out the application forms together and go to the necessary Danish authorities together with the employee and his/her family
  • NemID and e-Boks
  • Bank account
  • Housing

We help you so you can focus on the most important part: getting your new employee started at his or her new job in Denmark.

Primary Business Partners

Various Housing companies – assistance finding housing for your new employee
Spousecare ApS are experts at helping accompanying spouses/partners get settled in Denmark

Recruitment of new employees

Do you need assistance with recruitment? We can take care of the hiring process together with you. At Onboarding 2 Denmark, we have significant experience with recruitment, and we:

  • Agree on the most important criteria for each candidate together with the hiring manager
  • Read all applications for a specific position and screen candidates for the employer
  • Pick out the best candidates and send relevant application material to the hiring manager
  • Send PAPI (personality) tests to candidates invited for an interview
  • Provide feedback on PAPI test as a part of the interview
  • Advise and discuss with the hiring manager throughout the entire hiring process

“I can highly recommend Annette for onboarding new employees to Denmark. Annette is empathetic, extremely professional and experienced. Onboarding is such a critical part of hiring and it was a great relief for me knowing that my new hires were guided through the whole process and received a warm and caring welcome. This keeps employees motivated and ensures that they can hit the ground running in their new positions. It has been a true pleasure to be working with Annette. “

–  Evelyn Travnik, Chief Information Officer, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability. DTU Biosustain

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