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Systemic coaching – personal development

Systemic coaching is a method where I, through dialogue, explore and develop your personal agency in relation to selected issues. Systemic coaching is an appreciative form of coaching, so you can feel safe during our conversations.

How I work
Depending on the challenge you are facing or about to face, I will determine which systemic approaches and methods will work best to illuminate the greatest number of new perspectives. Our conversation is 100% confidential.

You are at the center
Your dilemmas, challenges and development wishes are at the center of our conversation and coaching.

I can help you if you:

  • Seek new directions for your development
  • Are in need of new perspectives, greater self-awareness and a strengthened value system
  • Feel stuck in relation to your studies, work or personal life
  • Are in doubt as to whether you are using yourself in the right way or if you are in the right place

Contact me to set up a coaching session or coaching plan, no matter what your challenge is. The price for one coaching session (1,5 hours) is 650 DKK, and a plan including 3 sessions is 1500 DKK.

“Sometimes more solutions come up after a coaching session, because the time was spent in reflection of the output from the session.”

–  Quote from a peer

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